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Tylenol PM Rocks.

February 8, 2008

Once again, it’s 2:30 am and I’m still up.  I thought with the giving up of my job this semester that I would have time at home in the mornings to do schoolwork and that I could go to bed at night but I’ve spent so many semesters staying up at night and sleeping only 2-4 hours that I have become a night owl.  I can’t go to sleep then when I finally pass out at 4 or 5 am, I sleep til 10 or 11.  Not cool.  I’ve been taking Tylenol PM at night in hopes that sooner or later my body would return to a normal internal rythym.  I WANT TO SLEEP WHEN EVERYBODY ELSE DOES!!!!!!!  I go to sleep; it takes a while. but then I can’t wake up in the morning.  I feel groggy til 2 in the afternoon.  I think Friday when I get up, I will stay up through the night tomorrow and all day Saturday and try to go to bed early that night.  Maybe it will shock my system into remembering what it felt like to have normal sleep hours.

Amber is feeling much worse today.  The other ear is affected now.  I should have known better than allow the quack at the university clinic to treat her.  That woman is not fit to be around sick people.  I will take her to a real doctor tomorrow.

Sigh, it feels good to drive cars that are paid for but it’s a drag when they don’t work right.  I’ve always been a bit afraid of cars with electric windows and locks.  My front car windows no longer work.  The driver’s side will go down but struggles and takes many tries to get it back up.  The passenger side window doesn’t budge.  Guess you don’t have to worry about getting it back up…it won’t go down.  The A/C was fixed last June but has no freon in it so I guess there’s a leak somewhere in the line.  The fan on the heater and a/c has only 1 speed….full ahead.  Two days this week, I’ve gone to school with my hair still damp….the vent was on full blast and my hair looked like I had curled one side under and the other side out….lopsided mess!

Got away from school at 10:30 tonight….very late but someone needed a listening ear and asked me to stay.  You know walking on campus at night is kind of creepy.  No one was out.  Dead silence.  All lit up.  I wasn’t afraid but it was like being the sole survivor after nuclear war or something…I was alone and it was odd.

Had a really weird dream last night.  There was an earthquake while I was in the UTT library and somehow I lost my clothes when people started running.  Ended up in this old house with peeling rose print wallpaper everywhere.  It was being use for office space.  Each room had different tenants.  I found some old fashioned Victorian looking night clothes in a closet somewhere in there and put them on.  Somehow there were teenagers that needed feeding and my “grand kid”, Ryan was with me along with his dad, Carl.  Carl kept ordering these huge pizzas and feeding the teenagers while the earthquake rattled on.  Because the house was shaking,  we were eating pizza sitting on a long, flat bed trailer, loaded down with hay.  Carl thought the hay would cushion us all from all the shakes and rumbles….really weird that we could get pizza delivery with an earthquake going on…but it was a dream.  Ryan had a little brown eyed, sandy-haired friend with him named Nate.  Why is this important?  Check this out….Now for the really weird part.  I was talking with Ryan’s mommy on the phone this afternoon on the way to school.  My little buddy Ryan also dreamed about an earthquake last night and his friend, Nash was with him and so was I.  Nash has sandy hair and brown eyes.  If I meet this kid and he looks like the kid in my dream….I may freak out.  I might have to check out the seismograph up at the water well site just above here too. I should have asked if Carl was in Ryan’s dream too….hmmm.

I’ve decided that learning to ride a horse might be fun stuff.  I always wanted to learn to snow ski and fly an airplane.  The flying might still work but it’s doubtful that skiing will work….arthur won’t let me.  Horseback riding would do…just make sure I have a step ladder to get on the hoss’s back.  My little buddy, Ryan, would love it if Nynny would ride with him.  I can see my short legs on horseback now…probably won’t make to the stirrups…probably just stick straight out on either side.  Have to put blinders on the horse so he won’t be distracted by them.  Makes for a funny picture anyway.

Enough said…time for bed if the Tylenol has done it’s work.  Goodnight blogland. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

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