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I’d rather be sleeping.

February 14, 2008

I had very little caffiene today and that was early.  But…here I am at 2 am, still awake and wishing I could sleep.  Still, it’s quiet in this house at this time of morning.  I do enjoy the quiet that settles in once everyone goes to bed.  I hear Rodney sleeping without his machine and snoring like crazy but I can almost block that out.  Darby wakes up on my feet once in a while and scratches, turns around 3 times and lays back down, yawns and closes his eyes again.  Me, I yawn, my eyes water, and still I’m awake.

Monday night class is brutal.  Right now, we are watching videos dealing with batterers and battered women.  I’m trying hard to understand what makes the perpetrator as well as the victim tick.  What I see makes me angry.  Possibly these really graphic images contribute to my sleepless nights.  The justice system that perpetuates victims, injuries, and deaths needs reform.  I’d like to change things but I’m one person.

Have a really big amount of reading to do tomorrow before class and I have to turn in my video in class.  Then the anticipation begins as I wait for the audience with the prof.  Crosses fingers that she did well.

Amy auditioned for Baylor and Saturday and was encouraged by how well she did.  Still waiting on a response and acceptance letter.  Hopefully, there will be money for tuition involved as well.  She sang for a tenor in the Metropolitan Opera in NYC today and had a short voice lesson with him.  She sounded amazing and Mom was so proud.  Tonight, she received a letter saying she is conditionally accepted at OCU pending her audtion there next weekend.  Wow.  Much is happening for her right now.  She is so happy.  I think she truly was worried that she wouldn’t get in grad school.  Not a chance.

Amber is presenting a paper for the CMR conference in March.  What an honor and what a great thing to have on her resume.  I couldn’t be happier for her.  She spends her time in the library these days.  When she isn’t working at the desk, she is researching for class and for her thesis.  Busy, busy, busy.

Jason called tonight.  He does his presentation soon on living with dyslexia and being homeschooled for one of his professors from last semester.  She was so impressed with his papers in class that she asked him to come once each semester and talk  about his experiences with each of her classes.  She feels he has a lot to offer those who will teach in the future.

I’m a proud mom.  Can’t help it.  Those who said homeschool was a mistake and that my kids would never go to college must eat their words now as each of the kids are in Master’s work or are preparing for Master’s courses.  Two of them plan on doctoral studies too.  Those who said they would never have friends and would be odd don’t know my guys.  They never meet a stranger, relate well to people of all ages and hmmm….aren’t we all odd to some extent?  I certainly see my share of strange folk everyday and I know that they didn’t homeschool.

Think I will give in and take the Tylenol PM and crash if possible.  It’s nice and quiet but I’d rather be sleeping.

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  1. mamacurry permalink*
    February 14, 2008 5:40 am

    This post was written on Monday. Guess I punched the wrong button

  2. becauseimmom permalink
    February 15, 2008 4:05 pm

    You should be a proud Mama. 😀

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