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Shopping…I hate it.

March 2, 2008

I shop like a guy.  I need something.  I go find it.  I buy it and I go home.  I went with Amy to San Marcos to her grad school audition at Texas State.  We went with her friend and her mom.  After the audition was done on Saturday, we went to the outlet mall.  We shopped for 7 hours.  And then, we drove home, arriving after midnight.  My feet are huge and I’m really tired.  It was rough day for someone who was on crutches at this time last week.   I finally bought some really cushiony flip flops at Jockey because I had blisters.  I’m too old for this. 

All in all the audition went well.  I think she sounded good.  Time will tell.  I went to Dallas Friday morning with Amber and to Austin Friday night with Amy.  I must be absolutely crazy.  That’s 5 hours on a bus and 6 hours in an Expedition.  That’s a long time on the road.  I once enjoyed that kind of pace.  I was out of my mind but I couldn’t give both girls mommy time when they needed it without it. 

I swear the entire population of planet Earth was at that stinkin’ mall today.  From now on, I will take 3 days to do the mall if I need something.  Rodney, pack your bags cause we will need a room.

Never have I looked so forward to spring break and a do very little week.  This coming week is mid-term and I have projects due and tests to take.  Friday brings reprieve.  I can’t wait.  Maybe my feet will be back to normal so I can have some fun!

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  1. becauseimmom permalink
    March 2, 2008 8:23 pm

    Thanks Lynn, for the nice words. It is something I will seriously think about. Thanks 🙂

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