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March 21, 2008

rlk.jpgBs are hard to take.  I like As, yet all three of my mid term tests came back with big red Bs.  How can this B?  I studied so hard.  I had the best feeling in the world when I finished each of them.  I thought I had done well.  You have to understand that in grad school, a C is a failing grade so a B is so ordinary, so average, so unacceptable to my obsessive self.  Still, I didn’t make a C. 

Breaks are another kind of B.  Breaks are wonderful and terrible at the same time.  I came back to classes from the spring break with this disoriented, unorganized feeling and an unmotivated attitude. 

Another B is for books…I have so many textbooks and reading assignments in them all.  Sometimes, I just can’t keep up. 

B is for backside.  The problem with behinds at nearly 50 is that they sag too so even when you have lots of padding, when you sit, it spreads and you feel like you are sitting on bones.  I need to exercise it back in shape so I have something to sit on again.

B is for being.  So someone said I should try Yoga.  Not for me…when I do that B is for bored.

B is for blogging.  A blog is good for venting.  It’s also good for thinking things through.  It’s a good place for sharing, journaling, posting pictures and meeting new people.  I’m glad I have one again.

B is for believing that I can make it through and that I will graduate. 

B is for borrowing….OMG I owe a lot in student loans.

B is for bubbles in nice hot water…a long soaking bath.

B is for babies and their big brother…I get to see my Ryan, Katie, and Luke tomorrow!

Finally, B is for best friends.  What would I do without them?

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