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April 11, 2008

It has been one of those weeks….you know the kind…according to Murphy, if it could get worse…it did and then some.

Following Amy’s recital, we were euphoric.  Everyone was on cloud nine.  The next day a letter and an exam grade destroyed all that for Amy and the rest of the family too.  

The amount of course work due is keeping all of us on pins and needles as we come down to the final weeks of the semester.  So much is due and the percentage of points hanging on these assignments is huge.  One thing that is helpful is that an assignment I thought due last Tuesday is really due next week so I am ahead of the game there.  Amber continues to work night and day on her thesis, which is the equivalent to Amy’s recital to her graduation.  The thesis is 25 pages and on it, hinges her hopes of graduation.  She also has 4 other papers due about the same time.  Her life this semester has been consumed with research.  Amy continues to sweat stats.  Rodney had 3 exams this week and slept 13 hours last night now that they are over.

Yesterday, my brother in law, a truck driver was found unconscious in a road-side park in his rig.  He is in ICU in Cooksville, TN and we don’t know much yet.  They’ve found many clots, thought to have come from his lungs, he has symptoms of a heart attack.  All the results of testing are coming in but the docs have released no definitive diagnosis as yet.  They say he is guardedly stable but to me, that means he isn’t stable at all.  His wife was in a hospital near Atlanta, GA and was having problems with congestive heart failure My husband is quite shaken from this news.  More later on this story as we hear news.

I take the biggie again tomorrow.  The GRE PSYCH.  Hopefully, the car will not break down on the way and the testing center will have extra materials as it is an hour drive and gasoline is terrible expensive.

We go to the recital of a dear friend of Amy tonight.  Her folks helped us so much with the reception for Amy last weekend.  I can do no less for her.  We are going to arrive at 5:30 this evening and help her mom.  The seniors will be done for this year and we have one grad student who sings next week.  I know they are all excited about finishing this huge step.

Darby and I are in the recliner with our feet up but I feel anything but relaxed.  As part of one of my courses, I take personality tests, score, and interpret them.  I am very thankful that the one from yesterday was done yesterday and not today as I feel so anxious about all the STUFF of life right now.  My mind is flitting so fast from one thing to another and I wonder how it all can be accomplished before semester’s end.  I wonder how we can get Rodney to see his brother.  I wonder how we can help Amy through stats and Amber through all the papers.  I know we will make it.  Most semesters feel this way in their last month.  It is just the beginning of the end.  May 10 is coming!  But until then, one of Ryan’s recent pictures kind of tells it like it is.



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  1. becauseimmom permalink
    April 14, 2008 1:48 pm

    Tell Rodney I am thinking about him and his brother and his wife.

  2. mamacurry permalink*
    April 15, 2008 5:57 pm

    His brother called me this morning. He is in the hospital in Atlanta, GA now. They are still running lots of tests and his heart seems strong but his lungs are not so good.

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