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Help!!! My body can’t tell the difference between night and day!

May 6, 2008

I’ve gone so long working on homework all night and sleeping later in the mornings.  Then I had the last two weeks of school where I slept about 2 hours a night and then worked some more.  Those very bad habits are keeping me from having the same hours as the rest of the world.  It drives me nuts.  All through the house, you hear the sounds of sleep…even the dog and cat are snoring.  I am sitting in the recliner wishing to sleep and the best I can do is yawn.  I’m not on the tight schedule of the semester anymore and I’d like to return to normal!

Went shopping with Amber yesterday to find a few things for our trip.  We leave May 18 on a cruise!!!  The time off will be nice!!!!!!!!!  7 days on Carnival Conquest.  A celebration for Jason, Rodney, Amber, and Amy who graduate this year.  A late anniversary present for Rodney and I.  My 50th birthday….you name it we’ll celebrate it. 

Amy had a test tomorrow then everyone in the house will be done with finals.  There is an air of calmness slowly descending on this house.  Graduation for the girls is Saturday.  We are so excited for them.  Amber has decided to go to school at UTT for her first 9 hours of grad school.  She had 18 hours this past semester and her thesis.  She is worn out and so will take the fall to look for a school.  Amy has decided to go to Germany for at least a year.  She is looking for a nanny position that will allow her time to take music lessons in Frankfurt, hopefully.

We are getting excited about the cruise now.  Until now, we haven’t had time to think about it much.    The prospect of getting to go snorkeling at last is a dream come true.  I’ve always wanted to do that and to see a coral reef.

The babies and Ryan just left.  Ryan came over for Rah-Rah to pull his loose tooth.  Rah-Rah couldn’t get it out…still was attached on one side.  Bummer.  The babies had popcicles and played the piano.  Reminds me, I need to clean the keys. 

Monkey Face brought her babies to the house today.  Four little kitties, each as different from the others as they can be.  Beautiful babies, though.  Katie wanted to hold them like she does her kitty but they had not been handled.  Every time she touched one, it hissed at her and she screamed laughing.  I had to laugh too.

I heard laughter and happy voices in my back yard earlier this morning.  Blake and Dalton were playing in Lake Curry, the mudhole in our driveway.  The were jumping in the water and pulling mud up from the bottom and throwing it a each other.  Dalton hugged Blake for the picture and Blake objected on the grounds that he might get dirty.  Puhlease!  I tried to put the video on…still haven’t figured out how to do that.  Something to look forward to.


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  1. May 7, 2008 1:10 pm

    Have fun on your cruise & be sure to post some pictures.

  2. Lynn permalink*
    May 7, 2008 6:33 pm

    I think I will and I know I’ll have lots of pictures.

    Rodney and I are thinking this will probably be our last vacation with all the kids for some time and may the last one ever. I hope not but since they all seem to be going some many different directions, it may be a while before they all are together again.

    I had Amy wake me early today after going to bed at 4 am. I’m nodding but determined to stay up until a normal bedtime. LOL, I must get back on track and sleep when the rest of the world does!

    You write a lot for homeschool groups, yet you do not mention children. Do you have kids?

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