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Busy week…and it’s only Monday!

May 14, 2008

So, we leave on the cruise on Sunday and I had some unfinished shopping for my husband.  His underwear and sock drawer were fully of things needing replacement.  We also had to get shoes and a tux.  He is no shopper usually any more than I am but when he’s looking for dress clothes, he is picky.  The shoes must be shiny patent leather!  He likes pointy toes not those squared off things…well, excuse me!  LOL.  So we shop at Bealls, Barnes and Nobel, Hobby Lobby, Tux Rental spots, CVS, Dollar Tree, and Walmart.  My feet hurt!  But we came home having had great success and he is ready to cruise!

The girls are covering the shower rod in the bathroom with their cruise outfits seeing if all is well and if the wardrobe is complete.  The dog is looking mournful already and he hasn’t even seen the suitcases yet. Bad news when he does.

I have a list for the rest of the week.  Tomorrow the first items go in the suitcase and are assigned to their respective zip-loc bags.  Yeah, I’m obsessive about that kind of stuff.  Like stuff must be packed with like and anything with potential to leak has to be encased in a zip-loc bag.  Underwear and nightgowns have to placed in zip bags and compressed to make best use of space.  Clothes are packed on hangers with tissue paper between each garment.  No wrinkles.  Makes me happy like that.

Wednesday we go to lunch with MM P and on Thursday, we put up the pool at  AG.  Friday is pedicure and haircut day.  Can’t wait to get the bangs out of my eyes and for someone to fix the nail on my baby toe so it doesn’t hurt while I am gone.  Somewhere in all this list, I have to clean house and get it together for coming back to.  Saturday, Jason and Tonya arrive and packing the last minute stuff becomes very important.  We load cars on Sat. night and leave at 6 am on Sunday for Galveston.  We board the ship at noon and sail at 4 pm.  An adventure awaits as well as some well-deserved and much needed downtime for all.

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