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Block and Tackle (and Overcome, sometimes)

June 25, 2008

Book 1

On the way home from the cruise a few weeks ago, we stopped at Sonic for a drink.  I got an ocean water slush…just because.  My husband, the generous soul decided a route 44 would be best.  The drink holders in the car do not accomodate that size.  (Blocked)  So you have to hold it in place, which does defeat the purpose of the drink holder.  It did last almost all the way home, until he slammed on the brakes because he wasn’t paying attention to what was going on ahead of him so my brand new white skirt now had blue streaks all over it.  Not a pleasant time in the car the rest of the way home.  The inside of the car was blue too.  (Did not over come that day.) 

Book 2

So, I’ve tried everything to get the stain out….nothing works.  Today, I got up with the bright idea of going to town for more ocean water from Sonic….just soak the skirt in it.  It will be blue all over then and at least I can wear it.  (Tackle.)  Just after 2, Amy and I left to get some lunch and the ocean water at the local Sonic.  It’s happy hour…half price.  Yeah.  So far, so good.  When I order, I ask for route 44 ocean water, no ice in a cup holder so they will steady in the floor by my feet…no more spills.  They bring it w/o the holder so we are scrambling for ways to hold on to along with our food and drinks…Amy’s car has no drink holder at all…while they go back for the carrier.  (Blocki)  We finally get the bigs drinks settled w/o spills in their niche in the floorboard and get to eat our lunch.  (Tackle)  Thank you Lord for the food and the no spill!  We pull out and leave for home. 

Book 3

Our road is blocked.  We must detour.  Cannot cross the construction.  We take the next country road.  It is blocked.  We must detour.  This time, we back up a very long way and we take the next country road.  A huge truck blocks our way.  The driver says no can go.  Amy says watch me and takes off.  We see where the construction ends about a half mile from my driveway.  So Amy lets me out.  I have my purse and the cardboard carrier of drinks and my drink from lunch.  (Block, big time block)  It’s hot and the stuff to carry is awkward but I am woman, I can do this and I start off.  (tackle) 

Book 4

Horrible smelly, oily road with big machinery and sweaty men everywhere giving me their biggest frowns because I dare disobey.  Then, the cardboard carrier starts to tear on one side.  (block, block)  I set it down, pour out my lunch drink, crush the cup, wrap it in a plastic bag and stick it in my purse.  I pick up the drinks again, this time with purse slung over the opposite shoulder and the opposite hand under the bottom of the carrier but it’s unstable.  I’m near a neighbors house.  What to do?  Knock.  Knock.  Mrs. D___, (tell my story) do you have a gallon container I can borrow to make it home with my route 44 ocean water?  She has a half gallon but nothing else.  Back to the road where I left the drinks.  Pour 2 of them in the glass jar.  Move the two remaining drinks to the side that is still together and I can pick it up.  Stack the empty cups together and crush them up, put them in the plastic bag in my purse.   Pick it all up…purse on shoulder, jar under my arm and carrying the carrier with one hand on top, one on bottom.  (Tackle) 

Book 5

I’m off, carefully, carefully, past the oil truck and the gravel shooter, and the guys with the yucky brooms and the smelly, smelly stuff on the road.  I don’t trip.  I don’t falter.  I even step in a hole and twist my ankle but I don’t fall.  I breathe a sigh of relief as I make it into the front yard, around the end of my house and to the back porch.  (Tackle, Tackle….I’ve almost overcome.)  I set my load down…the purse, the glass jar and the two drinks.  I’ve made it.  As a dig in my purse for the key and have it in hand, 3 kittens pounce!!!  Both drinks down.  One spills all over the back steps, my jeans, my white shoes, and my purse.  The other is down but does not spill.  (Sigh, block.)  I pick up the closed drink and set it up.  The kittens disappeared with the wet stuff.  I get the back door open and place the drinks on the dryer in the hallway.  Inside at last.  (Tackle)

Book 6

I’m burning up.  The humidity was terrible and I just made it in before a storm hit.  Wonder what they will do with all their equipment now and all those sweaty men in the cabs of those trucks…whew.  Anyway.  The recliner by the air vent looked inviting and so I cooled off.  Now to check out my idea.  Place white skirt in large container on dryer.  Pour on all remaining drink.  It is enough!  (Tackle, Tackle)  Squish it down and let it soak.  Back to my chair. 

Book 7

I love to shop on line.  It is better than in the store.  You don’t find fitting rooms or change or walk store to store.  You rest comfortably and just look.…there’s my skirt….75% off.  Yep, I bought another one.  Hopefully the first one will be blue through and through but if not, I’ll still have a white one.  (Overcome….sort of.)

Book 8

OK, the skirt sits in ocean water all afternoon long.  I take it out, let it spin and wash it.  All the blue came out.  No stain, no color.  Now I have two white skirts.  Go figure.!  Sometimes it works like you planned and sometimes, it don’t.

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