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My rural life.

June 28, 2008

We began the summer with 7 adult cats outside, 5 of which, had babies so there were 14 kittens.  A friend took Miss Priss and her 3 babies.  Three kittens were killed by dogs who drifted through our yard.  And one by one, the adult cats have disappeared.  We have reports of sightings of a panther and its near-grown cubs in our rural neighborhood.  It’s sad to think of our sweet cats becoming a part of the food chain.  We had 6 kittens left and gave one more away.  We found a huge Opossum in the back yard eating the cat food and since then, the 5 remaining kitties have come inside each night.  They are so cute, running and playing and they have com to expect their nightly release from the back yard.  Today at 6 pm, they were already gathered on the porch and we let them in for the night.  Tomorrow, we take them and the free kitten sign to Walmart parking lot and find new homes for them but for tonight, we get to enjoy the babies as they bounce and pounce on each other and Darby.  Putz, our big kitty, is their cuddle buddy and all five of them doze next to him when they are tired.  They play chase with Darby and they jump on anything, the higher the better.  I will be glad when they have new “parents” and though I will miss them, I will be relieved to have all outside animals gone.  It is very hard to take good care of them when there are so many and we are so busy.

I went to lunch with our 89 year old granny today.  We had a 2 1/2 hour time together at Chile’s and talked and reminisced.  It is so good to be able to do that.  I know my time with her is short and I cherish each moment I get to spend with her.

I am having a dinner party tomorrow night, something I have not done in a very long time.  Since I have been in school, there has been no time for such things.  I am looking forward to the cooking and pretty dishes out for a change.  Once I graduate, I am hoping to renew old endeavors and have more friends and fellowship in my home like we used to.

Paid a deposit on a cruise for January this week.  I’ll need that time away at the end of next semester.  We are going with my friends from Kilgore.  I wish the kids could have gone too but they are just too busy and I don’t want to cause friction in their schedules so we are looking at an Alaskan cruise in the summer that we can all go on and hopefully their 2009 schedules will allow them a break. 

I took my first riding lesson yesterday.  At first, they chose Truman, the tallest, largest horse in the stables.  I got on with the aid of a step-ladder, a friend, and an instructor.  The saddle was a bit loose and listed to the side.  Truman didn’t feel well and started to act up.  By that time, my extreme fear of heights had become the forefront and when I felt insecure, I guess he did too.  They determined he had a tummy ache and got me a new horse.  Bubba was a doll…a short little bay.  And while, I still needed the step-ladder and a litte help to mount, he and I worked together well.  I had been on a horse only once, when I was 17.  Someone led that horse and I just rode.  During my lesson, I learned how to hold the reins loosely, relax on his back and to tell him where and how I wanted to go.  We did some figure 8s around barrels and at the end of our lesson, I was pronounced ready for a trail ride.  I’m looking forward to that as  it is something I can do with my grandson, Ryan.  Ryan heard me tell his mother that I learned to swim when I was 30 and it was fitting that I learned to do something new every 20 years.  Ryan digested this, did the math and with a scandalized tone in his voice, he asked, “Nynny, are you 50 years old?”  When I said I would be next month, he said, “Well, gosh, Nynny, I didn’t know you were old!”  Kids!

I have always been of the opinion that when you stop learning, you die and I’ve pledged to learn at least one new thing everyday as long as I live.  Sometimes, I want to learn something radically new.  This fall, I’m taking a for-fun class at the university, an introduction to drawing.  Along with my regular class load, it should provide some entertainment and a break in my schedule.  My art major daughter tells me it will also put me in contact with some very interesting people too.

I went grocery shopping tonight.  Every six months, when I buy a large bill of groceries, I save the receipts and compare them over time.  My bill tonight was 234 dollars.  A year ago, a comparable bill of groceries cost me about 140 dollars.  The news was not wrong when they said we would see an increase in food prices.  Things like laundry detergents and light bulbs had only minimal increases but anything plant based has double and tripled in price.  Between gasoline and groceries, we will all go broke!

It’s quiet in the house at 11:30 pm.  The kitties are all settled down in the big pet taxi for the night and the girls have retired to their rooms with books and laptops.  The only noise is the ever-increasing snore in the room next to me where my husband has sacked out after a day of working on pianos.  Putz is sacked out on his catnip pillow and Darby is snoozing on my feet.  It’s a fitting end for the day.





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  1. June 28, 2008 1:37 pm

    I have always been of the opinion that when you stop learning, you die and I’ve pledged to learn at least one new thing everyday as long as I live.

    My granddad used to say that. He died a month short of his 95 th b-day & was still preaching. He had gone to D.C. with a group of “old people” as he called them from the local Baptist association when he had a stroke.

  2. mamacurry permalink*
    July 1, 2008 6:42 pm

    I’ll do what I love and love what I do as long as God lets me, be it with old people or young. I just hope he gives me the health and the friends to do it with.

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