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I’m getting too old for all of this!

September 12, 2008

I’m not kidding.  I think 50 has taken a toll on me.  School and homework and schedule and remodeling and babysitting 3 X a week and… well you get the idea.  I used to have all this energy.  Somehow it eludes me these days and I find myself lacking the old get up and go…you might say it got up and went.

It’s been a disappointing week in the accomplishment arena.  I did a counseling session on Wednesday night at 5 with my lab partner.  3 people checked the setting on the VCR.  It was on record.  The machine said it was recording and we got on with the session.  I got home to a tape that showed 1 hr, 20 mins of video.  Problem was that the picture was only wavy lines.  That puts me behind a week.  My schedule can’t handle that.  Another classmate and I were excited about and preparing for co-leading a counseling group and the dept chair nixed that one.  Ah well.  The standard response to this dilemma is the same as in other similar situations….and just who will care about this in 50 years?

Ike is bearing down on the coast of TX and the roads are full.  Hwy 69 might as well be one-way as everyone is heading north.  We are full up with people in this little town tonight and more still stream in.  I hope we can feed and house them all.  We expect some very stormy weather as a result of this storm.  I’m praying it doesn’t cause harm or damage.  UTT shuts down at noon tomorrow giving students time to prepare their homes for electrical and water outages.

We are working on the house this weekend and our usual working areas are crazily congested.  There’s a truck where our saws are usually.   It’s supposed to rain tomorrow which is not helpful in times of painting.

I’m tired.  I’m going to bed to re-charge.  Tomorrow is, after all, a new day.  Looking for the umph of a 2 year old when I wake tomorrow.

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