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My Goodness. It’s been a long time.

May 15, 2009

Never has a semester flown by so fast.  Never have I learned so much in such a short time.  Never have I laughed and cried as much.  Never!

Our cruise was wonderful.  It was fun to revisit places we’d been before but we had a brand new adventure.  In Jamaica, we visited a rural school and I wanted to bring the children home with me.  Rodney and I had so much fun interacting with the kids in the classrooms.  PIC_0239PIC_0231 







We had a great time with our friends, Pat and Doyle and their kids and grandkids, ate wonderful food, toured old churches, learned where chocolate and coffee come from, and just generally relaxed.


Rodney and I with the Maitre’ de.  He was a hoot.  And don’ you think my husband looks great in his tux?

After the cruise, i was time to work.  Literally…the next day.  We arrived home on the 11th and my first day at work was the 12th.  It took nearly the first month for me to adjust to my new schedule.  Leave at 6:30.  Drive 1 1/2 hours.  Start the morning with report.  Then begin the daily routines of counseling, group therapies, study, research, supervision with Dr. W, and more meetings.  School on every other Wednesday so I had to leave work by 3 on those days but most others it was often 6:30.  Then I waited on Amber til 8:40 at schooll.  We got home about 10:15.  I was tired.  My usual late hours at the computer were no longer reality.  I fell into bed and slept as long as I could and I drank lots of coffee…and I made it!  

This semester was, as Dickens says, the best of times and the worst of times. 

In the “best” category:  On Feb. 1, we all started Weight Watchers.  To date, Amber is our biggest loser.  She more than met her goal…she has lost 28 pounds!  Rodney is next at 26 and I am not far behind at 25.  We have kept each other accountable and we’ve chosen well for our daily diets.  It’s ongoing.  I hope to report double that loss for each of us by summer’s end.

In the “worst” category:  Amber’s epilepsy, previously not a big factor, is now a monster at the door.  She has had a rough semester.  We all have.  Her petit mal seizures, present form birth, have continued but she has additional episodes now where she loses consciousness.  These are preceded by an aura, which, thankfully, I am recognizng and can get her to a safe place sometimes.  It’s hard to get a physician these days who will listen and harder still to get one to work with you if you are private pay.  Once they hear there is no insurance, they hurry you away, doing only what they must.  Sigh.  Nuff said.

Our babies are growing.  I can’t believe how much.  Ryan was supposed to spend the day today but I have a feeling that he didn’t get his schoolwork finished this morning in a timely manner.

Tonya and Amy finished up their semesters at SWBTS. Tonya’s birthday is Sunday.  Happy Birthday!!!

 Amy is moving at the end of the month.  I will feel better knowing she is on campus and close to her brother and sister.  She and Allegro will have a roommate now too.  Very nice…they can look out for each other. 

Jason is still seeking God’s will for him and Tonya.  Where do they go from here.  You can bet this mom is praying.

I finished with my degree this May.  It is just now beginning to dawn on me that it’s done.  I weathered my oral comps and though I was terrified, I passed.  I got all my work turned in and all the paperwork done for graduation.  I didn’t walk this time.  I’ve hd that experience 5 times now.  Somehow, it seemed better to forego the stress of walking up the steps and across the stage, fearing all the while that I would fall in front of everyone, only to receive a picture of the bell tower.  The real diploma comes later in the summer.  I’m good.  I have to take my licensure exam soon so that I can practice in Texas, legally.  I am hoping to take that on the 6th of June.

Other future events: 

I’ll be filling in  for folks during vacation weeks this summer where I have just finished my practicum.  Hopefully, in the fall, I will have a permanent job there.

Amber has lots of tests being scheduled for the summer to see what is up with her.  She’ll spend a week at Baylor Hosptial in Dallas sometime this summer.

Amy has a new job working at a preschool.  I want to visit her at work and meet her kids.  We will help her move Memorial Day weekend.

June 11-15, Amber and I are going to San Francisco to see my friend, Michelle.  That will be lots of fun.

July 8-18, Rodney and I are going with Donna and Peter to Alaska.  I can’t imagine how much fun we will have.  We will fly into Vancouver, B.C., catch Carnival Spirit and sail up the inside strait, and then spend some time in Anchorage and Denali before we come home.  We have glaciers to visit, bears to see, and whales to watch.  We are going panning for gold one day!

August 6-9 is the APA convention in Toronto.  While our plans are not completely set on this one, Doc and I are hoping to be going a few days early.  We will take Amber and Rodney and drive up, stopping in Washington, D.C. along the way and letting Amber have some time at the Smithsonian.  Hope that works out for us.  I’m looking forward to the conference and wish that some of the sessions were scheduled for other times so that I could do more of them.  The speakers look fantastic.

Sometime this summer, Amber, Darby, and I need to go to San Antonio.  She has research to do for her master’s thesis.

So, it’s a full summer…but I hope to be stopping by often.  I’ve missed being here.

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  1. May 15, 2009 5:41 pm

    Where are you working?

    Is Amy living in the Barnyard (Barnard Hall) or in apartments? The dorm was full when I 1st moved into housing so I lived across the street in the apartments. By the time I could get in the dorm I was The Big Guy & I were engaged?

    Which preschool is Amy working in?

  2. mamacurry permalink*
    May 15, 2009 8:46 pm


  3. May 16, 2009 2:11 am

    Oh, I used to teach out by Reatta. I think one of my former students works at Sonshine patch.

    Used to be on staff at a mission across the street from Carroll Park. They are my least favorite seminary housing. At one time they had a lot of problems with theft.

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