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Something Good to Say…Thanks…Praises and Prayers

May 17, 2009

I was always told if you couldn’t say something good, say nothing at all.

We are remodeling this house.  Since August.  It looks great.  Many thanks and praises forRodney and Jason who have worked so hard to get the job done.  I love all the changes, especially my new living room.  Can’t wait t be able to post pictures.  I really like hearing J sing while he works.

Due to all the weight loss around here, I think we need to proclaim a “Biggest Loser” come next Valentine’s Day.  That’s a day to love others but on that day, we can also celebrate loving self enough to take off the pounds.

Thanks to Gail who keeps my yard mowed.  She does love to ride that mower and I (shame-faced) don’t even know how to turn it on.  I so appreciate it.

God bless my children, all four of them. They make me so proud. 

What would I do without my wonderful friends God bless them everyone.  I’m looking forward to spending lots more time with them now that school is over.

I’m thankful for a dependable vehicle in which to travel to and fro.  Thanks to Bill McRae Ford for keeping it runnng like a top.

While we seem to be in political turmoil right now, I can’t help but be thankful that I live in the USA and for the freedoms I have.

A special thanks to our military.  I can’t say enough in their praise.

You didn’t know it was thanksgiving did you?

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