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A few thoughts about Santa in June

June 6, 2009
Santa and the Mrs.

Santa and the Mrs.

Rodney says the world already knows way too much.  One has to wonder what he means by that?  He says he’s going to the mailbox to get some messages he can hold in his hands and, as he heads out the door, he brings me a wonderful weight watcher’s pointless chocolate fudgesicle.  I love that man.   Darby the dog settles in close by my thigh in hopes of a bite.  MMMM.  After finishing my treat and disappointing the little brown dog, I am comffy on the love seat for a break and a bit of blogging.

It’s the time of year for celebrations.  Weddings, graduations, and summer celebrations are happening all over.  Tonight, we journey an hour and a half to congratulate our friend Ashley and her folks on her graduation and her fall acceptance to A&M.  We’ve done the usual round of graduations and offered best wishes at weddings.  It’s a time of year for happiness.  I guess I’d never thought too much about it before but May is a month of endings.  June is truly the month of beginnings.  Excitement is truly in the air as high school ends and students are gearing up for their next great adventure.  Brides and grooms say goodbye to the single life and look forward to a new life together.  Nice.  I remember when…

Someone asked me just a few days ago what it felt like to be married 30 years.  I had to think about it long and hard before answering.  It doesn’t feel all that different than it did the day of the wedding, really.  You never know what is around the corner after thirty years any more than you did after 5 minutes.  It’s still a challenge.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  I love being married to Rodney Curry.  Life is never dull, never boring, yet somehow, always consistent.  While circumstances change, he never does.  What I loved in that man way back then, still remains.  I doubt anyone could ever ask more than that from a husband.  He has always been my partner, my collaborator, my friend.  He loves me, he spoils me rotten and he’s always there for me.  Amy asked me once how I knew he was “the one.”  My reply, “I could not imagine my future without him.”  I still can’t. 

You may wonder about Santa in June.  I love Santa any time of year.  Anyone who knows me well, is acquainted with my Santa collection, now numbering over 500.  I began collecting as a child of 7.  I still have that first one.  Last year was my first year in all our married life that I left the collection in storage.  Because of our remodel, it was impossible to bring Santa out.  Bear with me, there is a point here.  I’ve always liked it when Rodney grew out his beard.  Now that it’s white, I like it even more.  I never thought about a connection between Santa and Rodney.  Jason pointed out last week that Dad looked like Santa Claus.  It occurred to him that I not only wanted to collect Santa, I wanted bo be married to him too!!!  Not so.  I like Santa very much but I love Rodney Curry.  Still, I hope he keeps the beard.

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