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June 16, 2009

Flying isn’t as much fun as it used to be.  I do like being somewhere really fast though.  I hate airports.  I hate delays.  And I hate just sitting and sitting and sitting. 

Amber and I flew to San Francisco on Friday.  We were supposed to be there by Thursday afternoon.  DFW closed down due to weather so we were delayed 24 hours.  Made our time away really rushed and I never lost that feeling of anxiousness….gotta hurry…  The weather was cold and windy … a big change from our 90 degrees here…never got above 70 there. 

We saw 2 museums and rode BART a lot.  Got to see friends in Lafayette and Union City.  I loved CA but I wouldn’t want to live there.  The communities that sit in the edge of the woods are beautiful.  I love the air…it feels like a good lotion.  I like the shops.  Love the musuems and the availability of theaters and opera.  MMMM….coffee shops on every corner.  Little arts and crafts style villages in the suburbs.  Wonderful Thai and Indian foods.  Public transportation is unsurpassed.  One could go anywhere with a transport guide and a little patience.  I also liked the fact that people walk a lot.  That’s good for you.  The flowers are everywhere and just beautiful.  There are fewer chain stores and restaurants in San Francisco Bay area.  I like that because it gives local folks and mom and pop stores a chance to thrive.  However, I don’t like the taxes.  We would find it hard to live on what is left over.  There are lots of folks on the streets.  Too many…too close.  Scarves and gloves in June…hmm.  Where are the supermarkets?  I only saw one and it was tiny.  Does anyone cook? 

So this trip was a preamble to the big one coming up…a dress rehearsal for packing so to speak.  The more places I get a chance to go, the more I realize that unencumbered is the way to travel…anyone seen disposable clothes?  I’m discovering quick dry so that I can wash along the way and now they make detergent, softener, and dryer sheet all in one…that is portability.  This quick trip gave me some insight into things I can do to make the bags lighter for Alaska.  Now…I’m gonna go make lists.

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  1. June 17, 2009 1:26 am

    I’ve been stuck in DFW because of a tornado before.

    So San Francisco has BART, Dallas as DART Dallas Area Rapid Transist. Are we glad that Ft Worth didn’t follow that pattern.

  2. mamacurry permalink*
    June 17, 2009 1:34 am

    LOL. Yep.

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