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A Conversation between Mom and Amber

July 3, 2009

Amber:  Boy this should be fun.

Mom:  Of course it will be…you start.

Amber:  I want to see Julie/Julia.  It looks cute and I think Meryl Streep is one of the best actresses out there

Mom:  So let’s go to the movies.

Amber:  I think we still have a bit of a wait.  It comes out August 7th.

Mom:  I can wait.

Amber:  Well, you’ll have to.  Whoa, I’ll have a chocolate chip cookie!

Mom:  MMMM…smells good.

Amber:  You’ve already had all you can have.

Mom:  Heartless person!!!!

Amber:  I’m not heartless.  You’re full of crap.  No.  Do not put that out there. MMMMhhhhmmhhhh.

Mom:  Laughing…

Amber:  I’m sorry you don’t speak mouthful.

Amber:  You’re a punk!

(Dad gives his two cents worth.  If you’re not a punk, you should be.)

Amber:  I’m kind of afraid to say anything now cause you are ruthless….what inspired you to do this anyway.  I just wanted you to see a movie preview.  Nothin;s sacred anymore…..STOP!

Mom:  I just can’t…this is too much fun.

Amber:  MMMhuh.  What do you want me to talk about now?

Mom:  Can’t crawl inside your head, you know…make an effort.

Amber:  Sounds like something straight from The Host.  Going a little Stephanie Myers on me?  Makes me think of the little centipede creatures from The Host.  That was a good book, though.

Mom:  Very strange.

Amber:  Strange but  good, a very good plot.  Shows that Stephanie Myers can do something  besides Twilight.

Mom:  Yep.

Amber:  Not fair.  I have to watch you type.  There’s no voice on your end.

Mom:  The better to hear you with, My dear.

Amber:  Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Mom:  Ah….Beatles Trivia!!!

Mom:  Time to watch A Beautiful Mind.    Are you ready?

Amber:  Time for Amber to take her laptop and go to her room so the parents can watch tv.  Amber should not refer to herself in third person either.

Mom:  Night, Amber.

Amber:  Night.

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