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On Board Day 2: 07.08.09 Carnival Spirit enroute to Whittier Alaska via the inside passage.

July 10, 2009

Our dinner in the dining room was nice last night.  Our waiter, however, is a bit dour.  We are so used to the waitstaff having a wonderful sense of humor.  I don’t think this guy smiled once…maybe he had a bad day.  I know my husband; he will keep trying  til he gets him to smile…or irritates him beyond measure. 

After dinner, we took in the casino where I won $58.00.  We did a little ship exploration and ended up on the Lido for a late night snack of meat, cheese and fruit.  Rodney of course, had his customary chocolate.  Then he talked non-stop for the next 3 hours.  LOL.  It’s his vacation too so I let him have it!

Did my laundry in the sink last night.  The showers on cruise ships have the curved rods…must be where the idea for those in our houses came from…what do you think?  Anyway, there’s a clothesline high in the shower so that’s where I hung the clothes to dry…unfortunately, there’s not a lot of air flow in there so even my quick-dry overnight stuff is still a bit damp this morning.   Rodney hung my big drying towel on the balcony this morning.  Because the wind is really blowing, he anchored it to the deck chair.  It’s a special blend of rayon, nylon, and polyester that you roll wet stuff up in and then squeeze the water out.  The towel itself is supposed to really dry fast…I think I was sold a “bill of goods” on that one! 

Had a yucky night due to stomach upset.  Took a bit of medicine just a while ago.  I’ll feel better soon.  As usual, I can’t do nothing so I have been doing a little water color from one of last night’s gorgeous sunset pictures.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen such beautiful colors.  It was amazing, really.  The farther north we traveled, the lighter it got.  The sun was still there til way after 11 pm. 

Today is a gray day at sea.  No ports of call.  The water is pretty calm even though the wind is blowing really hard.  Under this blanket of low-lying clouds, the water is varying shades of gray.  Since we are in the strait, the water is shallow enought that we see lots of algae and the occasional log floating on top.  Far away, probably a good 10 miles, you can see the tops of mountains along the horizon.  The weather forcast is for clouds today but bright sunshine for the next 3 days.  That is wonderful!  I really would hate to miss out on whale watching and panning for gold and seeing my first totem poles because of weather.

Since today is a quiet day on the water, I resolved to take my meds and relax.  I’ve been sitting on this nice comfortable bed, propped up with pillows, drinking some coffee, painting, and watching the swell of the waves.  I rather enjoy the motion of the ship but I guess I’ve never watched from this angle before; it’s a bit disturbing if you dwell on it.  Because of the wooden rail at the top of the plexiglass barrier on the balcony and its everchanging position in relation to the horizon, the motion of the boat as it sways side-to-side is very apparent.  I never realized how much a ship this size could sway.  Maybe I thought the size of the vessel would keep it more steady but it is a big ocean. 

Donna, Peter, and Rodney have gone to an art lecture.  I probably would have enjoyed that but I have to say, I have really had a good time with my paints and with my blog…

More later…

At noon we took off for the grill up on the Lido deck.  End to end that deck is one big swim party and buffet line.  So many people were up there that we decided to eat outside.  It was still pretty gray and windy out on deck that there were few people sitting at those tables.   We chose a protected place and were fairly warm.  While it continues to be overcast…the ship was in a more constricted part of the strait where the shoreline was more easily seen.  We passed island upon island, all covered with towering green trees.

I chose lunch from the “comfort food” line today…mac ‘n’ cheese, smoked ham, corn salad, and lemonade…served with some really fine herbed foccacia bread.  We found Peter and Donna about 12:30 and had a slice of key lime pie and decaf with them.  We noticed that the trees were getting closer on each side of the ship and so decided to check out the scenery up on deck.  Wonders of wonders:  about 1 pm, we came upon an area where the cloud cover had lifted and blue skies ruled.  The water took on the blue of the sky and we got fantastic pictures.  2 sailboats appeared on the horizon and looked perfectly beautiful against the blue and green all around us.  We took in the panarama deck where we got some really good shots.  Suddenly, though, the ship turned into the wind and it was really cold.  Before we could leave the deck, we were back under cloud cover.  We elected to turn in for a while and rest before getting ready for the elegant night ahead.  Just in the time it took to get back to our rooms, we are completely socked in by fog and haze.  You can’t even see the water from the balcony now…Amazing how fast the change happened.

There is a golf course and driving range on this ship.  Wonder if the fog affects how well you can see what you are doing up there. 

Haven’t been in the spa or the gym yet.  If it is as nice as the rest of the ship, it will be worth a visit.  The elevators in our part of the ship are bathed in pink light…interesting.

Nap time.  To be continued…

Didn’t nap much.  The phone rang a few times and we passed by way too much pretty stuff.  The sun reappeared for a while and the mountains were so close on either side of the ship that it seemed you could reach out and touch them.  So much green.  So much cool air.  So many trees.  So beautiful.  Ahh.

After all the pictures and the nap, it was time to dress for dinner…the first formal night on board.  Everyone looks so nice especially our guys in their tuxes.  Lobster tail for dinner.  MMMMMM.  The apple puff pastry was quite nice for dessert too.  After dinner, we spent a while in the casino playing penny slot machines…I’m way too cheap to go more.  Won 12 bucks…not bad for a reverse high roller.  Then it was time to have some rest.  Although, a 10:30 pm, it’s still way to light to sleep w/o the black our curtain.  The fog horn is blowing constantly on the ship as we are suddenly socked in by fog again.  I was on the balcony just now amazed by the light still able to shine through the dense white swirlies out there and out of the cloud, there came a Canadian pilot boat.  The Spirit was stopped.  It seems we just crossed the line from Canada into Alaska and the Canadian pilot was relieved.  The pick up boat sped off back into the fog with the pilot and we continued on slowly with a new man at the wheel.  Fascinating, all this political stuff.

Tomorrow, we leave the ship for a few hours in Ketchikan.  We are going shopping in the morning so room service breakfast at 6 and disembark at 7, yes am…that’s clarification for all you guys who know I am not a morning person…but I wouldn’t miss this for anything. IN the afternoon, we are going to a lumberjack show.

Now, it’s time to sleep.  10:30 here but our bodies are still on Jacksonville time, which is 12:30 am.  Night all.

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