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Could it Be?

August 25, 2010

Temperatures in the mid-70’s today. And there was a tiny rain. Ah what a breather. I’d like to keep this cold front around for a while.
The golf course behind our apartment complex has a trail that empties on to the green from an opening in the trees. The golf carts sprang from that green canopy today much like the balls do from the pinball chute. There were many players out with their clubs and their friends.
The hummers on the back patio spent as much time chasing each other today as they did drinking from the red orb hanging by the back door. Usually, they just dart in, catch a sweet nip and hurry back to the shade.
I’ve accomplished a lot today while taking my frequent looks outside. The end is in sight on preparatory paperwork and maybe real work is in my near future. I miss my big office in my house at home in East Texas. It was so nice to have a spot to call my own. I could close the door and work without distraction. Here, I have to work at the dining table and the golfers and hummingbirds and neighborhood kiddos offer lots of reasons why I should take a break. With school back in session and only a few weeks til my little ruby throated friend take their southward migration, that leaves only golfers and they aren’t so interesting unless they stop for a drink under the trees beyond the patio.
Our babies are coming tomorrow and I can’t wait to see them. It will be their first visit with Rah-Rah and Nynny since our move in June. While we have been home and gotten lots of hugs there, they have never been here and curiosity is overwhelming. They are so excited about packing their suitcases, they may not sleep tonight. Of course, we have lots planned for them. We will have as much fun as they will.
On Saturday, we go home. A nice break from the city. I have some scrapbooking supplies I want to bring back with me on Sunday. I’m ready to start putting those memories in some kind of order.
In between my goof-off breaks and work today, I’ve managed to fix a casserole and a fresh apple cobbler for our dinner…I hope my family is hungry.

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