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Nynny and Rah-Rah love our littles.

August 28, 2010

There’s nothing better than watching fireflies whirl around you with your grandchildren whirling around too. Our four year old twins are a joy and their big brother is too. Our tiny backyard hosted a brownie party under the stars just before bedtime. People walking by with their doggies for the last potty break of the night stopped and leaned over the fence to smile and talk. Some even had a brownie. The babies and big brother enjoyed their brownies and milk and the fireflies flickering just out of reach so much they wanted to sleep outside. Nynny and Rah-Rah nixed that one. Much as we love the fireflies and the nice cool front that whisked through this week, the heat is still too much for old folks. It was so nice to have our little ones there for a visit.
I have to say I have forgotten how much energy it requires to have littles in the house. As I let them go with mom and dad last night, I had a DR Pepper, knowing the caffiene wouldn’t matter a bit when my head hit the pillow. What did I dream about? The littles. I love those kids.

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