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October Saturday

October 10, 2010

We’ve just had 2 weeks of glorious fall weather.  Thanks be to God for cooler temperatures.  It’s actually nice to be able to be outside.  The patio draws us out more often now to watch the golfers do their strange dance with tees and balls.  It’s still a lot of fun to watch the golf carts pop out from their trail between the trees much like the ball in the pinball machine.  The hummingbirds are now gone on their way to their southern wintering places so we took down the feeder today, washed it, and packed it away to wait for their return in spring.  Geckos have taken to coming inside and squirrels are very busy tucking away the acorns from the oaks behind our yard.  They know that colder weather is just ahead. I miss the lightning bugs at night.  I don’t see them blinking hello from the golf course at night now that it’s cooler outside.

Fall fairs and pumpkin patches are springing up all over the place.  Stores are already full of Halloween stuff and, much to my disgust, Thanksgiving and Christmas decor is also very evident.  I don’t understand that.  I realize stores probably sell a lot more that way but it seems so wrong to overlap things like this.  Why can’t we just experience one holiday at the time?

Leaves are still green but they look so tired.  Because of the dry summer, some are already falling.  Maybe they will get to stay long enough to turn colors and be gorgeous this year.  I hope so.  I love fall. 

Beyond the change in temperature and the autumn colors, there is a spirit of hope about fall that always cheers me up this time of year.  I know they say that spring is that time of renewal but renewal often brings with it the idea of much work ahead.  On the other hand, the spirit of fall is that of  bounty and harvest, a comforting thought really.  The hard work is done and the rewards are on the way. 

I guess this year has been a tough one for us.  The idea that the hard stuff is over is appealing so I’m welcoming fall with every ounce of energy available to me.  It’s unrealistic to expect that the final weeks of this year will be easier to live through but as with all the rest of 2010, God is with us.  He is able.  He is Lord.  Just as fall brings the bounty, winter brings a time of snugness.  I hope God gives us a snug winter, a time of comfort and love with family and friends.  Whatever he has in store, seasons come and go with a regularity.  In everything, there is a season.  In everything, He is sovereign.

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