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Reflection or Am I Just in one of those moods?

November 15, 2010

I usually look forward to the holidays, the baking, the lights, the spirit in the air. This year, in this little apartment, I’m so torn. I love to decorate and Santa is my great love after my God and my family. Santa embodies the spirit of Christmas because he’s the gift-giver, one who followed the example of Christ who gave the greatest gift. Anyway, I have to go small with the decorating and that has me down a bit. My 500+ Santas will once again remain in their boxes (for a couple of years due to remodeling at home, decorating has been minimal.) It’s a tough decision to decide where the tree will go and if it will be the big one or the tiny one. As Santa remains in wraps, I’d like to pull out the big tree so I can bring out the kid’s ornaments from years past. Christmas brings back lots of memories from their childhood years. And the big tree holds all the little Santas. Sigh. The other thing is getting the decorations sorted through over Thanksgiving in the midst of the family gatherings. My big walk-in closet holds all the decorations and I’ve never labeled anything because heretofore it all came out. Big challenge awaits next week.
It does not escape me that Christmas is not really about all the decorations. I am very aware of the true meaning of Christmas and I strive to keep Christ in the center of all the holiday celebration. I also know that family, thankfulness, and love are the best gifts in the madness and excitement of getting presents wrapped and bought. I guess I just hate to let go of that hold on tradition that I started a long time ago. I wonder if the kids will miss it if I don’t do it. Can’t say, really. Will it matter in the grand scheme of things…probably not. After all, when we celebrate Christmas in Heaven, it will be an everyday event and there won’t be a Santa in sight. My decoration dilemna in November won’t really make a difference in January.
Reading back over what I’ve just written, I see the word “I” as a glaring reminder that in my dilemna, “I” have taken the center stage. It’s what “I” want that comes through. There is an “I” in Christmas but the word “Christ” is the largest part of the word. Maybe this year is the time to bring out the Nativiy sets that usually grace the top of the china cabinet and place them on the mantel here. Maybe the space limitatioons can work for good. Although Santa is a great reminder of the Christmas spirit, the manger is where it all began.

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  1. November 16, 2010 10:10 pm

    I’ve had a couple of years where I just couldn’t get into decorating for Christmas.

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