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Just the way it is.

December 3, 2010

I’ve decided that life is like riding a horse.   Somedays you gallop.  Your hair streams out behind you.  The wind blows in your face.  You have a great ride from one place to another and the trip is a lot of fun.  Then there are those other days…you know the ones…the horse has no get-up-and-go and neither do you.  You plod along on a breezeless day and the ride is so long and tedious that you think it will never end.

My last two weeks have been a lot like those rides.  Two weeks ago, things were looking up.  All kinds of leads and referrals and new beginnings were looking me in the eye.  The trip was great.  Then I got sick.  No voice.  No energy.  All there was was coughing and sleeping.  It is taking forever to get over this…whatever it is… and the ride is long and slow and tedious.  

And I’m feeling sorry for myself.

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