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March 10, 2011

When I was young, the minute my head touched the pillow, I was out like a light. I could not imagine what other people were talking about.  How could they have insomnia?   Just in the last year, it happens more and more often:  I just can’t sleep.  It is torture to lie in bed listening to night noises, knowing that in this huge apartment complex, several thousand people are sleeping and my eyes are wide open.  Every sound, every movement by animals outside, every tick of the clock, and each snore from the pillow next to mine are magnified beyond belief.  Each second ticks slowly by until the birds start to sing and light creeps in around the blinds.  Most mornings lately, I am still awake and exhausted when the sun comes up.  I tell myself that this will be the day when I just stay up all day and will be so tired when night comes, I can’t help but fall asleep.  I did that last Friday.  With the help of Benadryl, I slept.  Saturday, I rose bright and early and the same pattern began again that night.  This week’s schedule has been so full that an enforced nap-free day has been impossible.  Too many appointments to attend to in the early evening.  What I would not give at this wee hour to be asleep.  Sigh.

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  1. March 11, 2011 1:10 am

    I just wrote about sleepless nights yesterday.

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