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Service…That’s Just How the Ball Bounces

March 22, 2011

Since his surgery and since his cancer-free status is confirmed, my husband has made some life-style changes. He walks several times a day around our complex. He brings in loads of tennis balls and golf balls after each walk. He keeps them in a huge box in his closet for “later use.” Now, you may wonder what that has to do with service but here you go…

Several years ago the two of us filled out Love Languages and Spiritual Gifts inventories. In both he is assessed as a true servant. The following antecdote is only confirmation of that.

On his walks he makes it his mission to look for all sorts of balls and he’s never disappointed. He even made a scoop to fish them out of the creek. Target had the perfect tool…a strainer made for pasta. He attached the handle of the strainer to an old broom handle with duct tape. He takes this with him on his walks and turned upside down, it makes the perfect walking stick. On his forays, he carries a plastic puppy poop bag in which to put the wet golf balls. On a good day he finds 4-6 and any day he finds more than 6, that’s an accomplishment!

Many days on his walk he finds the basketball that kids playing on the court lost during their game the night before. When the ball rolls down to the creek, it’s too dark to find it and the game is over. Next morning when the kids are at school, Rodney rescues the ball and sets it on a ledge behind the apartment nearest the basketball court for the kids to find. This morning he came in from his walk and went to his closet where he keeps his own basketball and came out with the air pump. The ball needed a bit of air before he perched it on the ledge to be found by it’s owners.

The kids have no idea who rescues and cares for their basketball. This is just one of many small anonymous acts of service that my husband performs everyday. From bringing me that first cup of coffee each morning to listening to the problems of a neighbor, my Rodney is a true servant. It’s one of his characteristics that drew me to him in the first place. I always admired and loved his true spirit of servanthood. I’ve told him before and I truly hope he knows how much I love that about him. He sets a fine example for all. He is a Godly man and I love him so much.

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