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November 7, 2011

We took our oldest daughter to Houston this weekend to a baby shower for a friend. While she spent time with her friends, we took mom on to Galveston for her birthday. I guess I never realized how much she misses the beach and the coast. She lived in Beaumont during the WWII years until she was 10. It was fun listening to her talk about her family going to Galveston, riding the ferry, crossing the channels and bridges, and walking the beaches. There is so much going on in life right now but she seemed to shed the worries as she breathed in the salt air. She smiled a lot this weekend.
There was a biker rally in Galveston this weekend. She refused to share the beach with the bikers because of her hearing aids. The mufflers were too much for her ears. We visited with Mawmaw Polly in Texas City, had seafood, went to Kemah to the boardwalk, rode the Port Bolivar ferry, and finally got to the beach on Sunday afternoon in Galveston.
We were an odd group. Rodney forgot to bring his jacket and so he wore his work coat. With his white beard and rag tag coat, he looked like a beach bum. I was limping along due to a fall I took while walking through a parking lot in the dark on Friday night. A biker unloaded his trailer and left the ramp down on his trailer. My toe caught on it and down I went! It was Darby’s first trip to the beach so there was a very excited Chihuahua barking, sniffing, running, checking out jelly fish on the sand…it was amusing to see him pulling on pieces of rope bigger than him. Mother was this cute little white haired lady, all dressed up and running around picking up shells; excited to be there. We walked about 2 miles down the beach and then came back up to the seawall to make the 2 miles back to the car.
After such a walk, the Darbster was so tired, he slept for the entire trip home laid across my shoulders. I would have joined him but my job in the car on trips is that of navigator. I had to route us home.
They left me at 6:30. Here I sit after a weekend of sea air and new sights, facing a new work week. Sigh. It’s a happy tired.

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