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Once Upon a Time in a galaxy far, far away…

December 12, 2011

Can you hear the music? John Williams at his best…drums, strings, majestic?  Heading out through the star systems on a ladder of words……Hmmm.  I loved Star Wars.  It was a time to face adversity head on, a time to push forward regardless of what came at you, a time to conquer and best your opponents.

Please understand that I am not regarding my fellow job seekers as opponents.  We are all just meeting the challenges of the national financial state and our individual costs of living.  We are all seeking a satisfactory job that will help us make ends meet.  I wish the search could be easier though.

Once upon a time, job seeking entailed walking in the door of a potential employer, arranging for a meeting with the owner, talking about your experience, and signing the necessary paperwork for hiring.  Now, it’s all online.  Not only does one have to submit his resume to companies dependent on hiring departments, but in many cases, an applicant is screened by software.   Incomprehensible!  It makes no sense to hire a person so impersonally.

I think the biggest aggravations of all are the unsolicited contacts by scammers.  I’m used to pushing the delete button on my email inbox and junkbox when a new scam message comes through.  I was not prepared for all the attempted cons in the job market.

My dad always told me that if it sounded too good to be true, it probably was.  I always do my research, exhausting all possibilites for discovery of scamming when I get a job offer.  Today’s job offer came from a person who could neither spell nor use punctuation correctly.   What might we assume about a company that would employ a hiring manager lacking those basic skills?  Either it won’t last very long or attention to excellence is not a requirement for employment.  In either case, it’s not my idea of an outstanding working environment or long-lasting working relationship.

If you are in the business of conning someone who is without work or you work for someone who perpetuates a scam, BEWARE!  Some of us will report you and we will receive great satisfaction when you are prosecuted.


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