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A Visit to the World of Purple in the Land of Grapes and Lavender

May 6, 2013

Matanzas Creek Winery

While on a trip  to California over the weekend to relax and see an old friend, I was able to go to  Bennett Valley in Sonoma  to  check out Matanzas Creek Winery and Lavender Farm. The vineyards were perched on hillsides among indigenous grasses and trees, which protects the grapes.  

The front terrace of the visitor’s center is home to a large lavender garden, which shows off plants in several varieties and stages of growth.  The lavender plants are in rows along a terraced slope providing optimum watering and sunlight.  It’s one of the largest lavender plantings in North America.  Though blooming time is still a few weeks away, the aroma was amazing.  

Adjacent to the lavender terrace, dried lavender hangs in bunches in a drying shed.  Here, several products are made for sale in the gift shop.  Those who make the products use creative genius to combine both grapes and lavender and it’s amazing what they can use to make.    

Inside the visitor’s center, a tour of the winery begins with a tasting of several of their wines.  Glass in hand, one tours the grounds and hears the story of the owner and her dreams for the winery.  After a visit to the lavender and drying shed, the tour group returns to the patio for a wine and cheese pairing, where local Sonoma resident’s products are introduced as compliment to the cheese.

I loved my time there.  A winding shaded road led us around the base of the hills in a picturesque valley where small quaint communities offer a laid-back way of life.  Not only is it beautiful here, but the rush of every day life seems non-existent; a truly marvelous place to visit.  

Thanks to Michelle for taking me.  

*Visit Matanzas Creek Winery Online at:

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