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I’m glad I’m me.

July 21, 2013

With all the media frenzy around England’s royal baby and other celebrity births, it’s truly amazing that the targeted moms are not rising up in arms. I’m appalled that the world thinks they have a right to know about a private event. I remember the last month of pregnancy well and I was a fully loaded hormonal mama bear in protective and anticipatory mode; in tears one minute and cleaning frantically the next. That is not what I wished for others to see. Well done on being able to avoid the cameras duchess. If the miseries inflicted upon poor Kate Middleton had been my lot, media folk would be replacing cameras and microphones….just saying. I wouldn’t blame the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge if they had had their baby quietly at home just after she christened the cruise ship. How nice for them if they have been able to enjoy these weeks at home as a family of three. How wonderful for them if they can outwit the media circus and have their little one privately away from prying eyes. How sad that the public in Britain and abroad feels an entitlement to be a part of a family occasion. I truly am sorry the media has intruded on their happiness and want to go on record as apologizing for the bother caused by the curiosity of the world.

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