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Truly Blessed

August 13, 2013

Yesterday, as people read this blog for the first time and promised to pray for kids and grandkids, I was humbled and blessed to know that so many care and will lift this ministry and this family to the Lord.  My heart is full and I thank you all.

Many questions were asked yesterday and here is the answer to the most frequent one of all.  The children are currently 7,5,4,3, two 2 year olds, and three 1 year olds.  

The plan for Rodney, Amber, and I is to move to their neighborhood.  Amber will provide full time help for Tonya and Rodney and I will be there as jobs allow.

Rodney and I will continue to be in East Texas on Sunday mornings to do music at Lake Community Baptist Church.  

Packing is a daunting task.  Purging is a simultaneous chore so it is slow.  I will be much more organized when it’s done though.

Once we are settled, Rodney and I will begin the job search process.  We ask for your prayers as we start our search.  Pray God will send just the right places to aid us in helping with the children.

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